Olicity + foreshadowing in 3x01

i never thought that you’d be the one to hold my heart

but you came around and you knocked off the ground
from the start


The Art of Naughty Dog | Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

"While one can never predict the future, we do know what our next project is going to be: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. We haven’t revealed a great deal about the game just yet, but in the following pages we are sharing some never-before-released pieces of concept art from Drake’s upcoming adventure. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but rest assured: he and his companions will be traveling the globe again discovering secrets lost to history—and you might even discover some secrets about Drake himself."

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                                      "Whatever we become."                                                                                                       the story of a pirate and a princess.


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okay, someone requested a tutorial about how i render images this is why i’m writing it even tho there are already so many, so if you don’t find this useful just search in google and you’ll find some more. well, there are different ways of rendering, it really depends on the pic you are going to render. i’ll explain the most accurate i guess or at least the one i use more (it’s all about selection tbh, after selecting your item you just have to use a rubber lmao) and other two more ways, for a total of three methods. choose what you like the most.

struggle: 1/10 it’s so easy it hurts.

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i’m not a monster, i’m a prisoner. and you are going to  s e t  m e  f r e e 

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And so they spoke, and so they spoke,
Those foes of Casterly,
And now their blood will paint her walls,
For all the lions to see,
Yes, now their blood will paint her walls,
For all the lions to see

for Lauren {x}


You’re always here to me. And I always listen. And I can always see you.

prompts: 'one putting their ridiculous music on in the car and singing along while the other sits in the passenger seat with their head in their hands' + 'one giving the other their jacket and not getting it back from the other until it stops smelling like them'; bellarke, of course. (bonus points if you can combine the two????) ;) —girlbehindthescrawledletters


Do I get more points for setting it in canon ‘verse? Heh ;) The jacket thing was also requested by a few anons, and this goes toward filling the “thunderstorm cuddles” prompt sent in by another anon as well. Thank you and please enjoy!

Sunshine and Blackbirds

When the Earth isn’t trying to kill Clarke Griffin, it’s doing its best to make her miserable. Case in point: the freezing, torrential downpour that forces her and Bellamy Blake to take shelter in the car where she once spent the night with Wells Jaha and Finn Collins. Huddled in the gloom, she can almost see the shapes of these two boys— the one who died, and the one who broke her heart.

But ghosts pale in comparison to the reality of Bellamy’s fierce scowl. He’s shoved himself into a corner as far from her as possible, miffed because it’s technically her fault that they’re stuck here for the time being.

“I told you those seaweed poultices could wait another day,” he mutters. “What are you going to do when the Grounders come— disinfect them?”

“Actually, I thought we could all just hide here in the car,” Clarke snaps, wringing water out of her tangled hair.

He rolls his eyes at her, and she responds in kind. She has a terrible suspicion that they’re going to spend the whole day rolling their eyes at each other if this rain doesn’t let up.

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